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clararobert 8 Décembre 2018

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    The first time I came across the term 'macros' was when The Az Code I was using an Excel spreadsheet to access information from the internet. When I opened the spreadsheet the first thing it asked me was if I was sure I wanted to enable the macros. Being a bit suspicious of things I didn't understand, my first reaction was to respond with a 'no' but that was obviously the wrong answer as it rendered the spreadsheet virtually useless and I couldn't access any data. I loaded the spreadsheet again and when this time responded in the affirmative, everything seemed to be working fine.

    Nowadays I still don't understand exactly what the macros were doing in that spreadsheet or how they had been set up, but what I did know was that whatever they were doing they allowed me easy access to the data I needed. I do, however, now know what macros are and how they can help you in your business. Macros are shorthand for automation. They are little scripts or programs that automate a series of mouse movements or keystrokes on your computer. They can be as simple or as complicated as you like - if you have the right macro recording and editing software the only limits are your ability to do the initial task you want to automate in the first place.

    Most people who use a computer will have come across what are called 'application macros' which are created using an application's built-in macro features. Both Microsoft Word and Excel have these built-in macro recording and play back facilities which set up macros for use just within that specific program. However, nowadays there is available a variety of macro recording and editing software which can be used to automate tasks across the full range of software you have installed on your computer. Using macros efficiently is all about automating the repetitive things that you do every day. Once set up properly, work which may have taken you hours to complete manually can be set in motion with the stroke of a key or the click of a mouse.

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