Facts About Acai Berry Side Effects You Don't Know, But Should!

jerryjohnson 4 Décembre 2018

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    The growing number of swine flu Alpha Armor Review victims has caused so much alarm to many people all over the world. Different health and research institutions have started their studies and experiments to discover the best way to cure this contagious disease. One of the many scientific studies that has been done and is still being done is on how vitamin D can stop the spread of this dreaded disease.

    Influenza or flu is said to be a vitamin D deficiency. And with this information, swine flu, being a type of influenza, may also be associated with vitamin D deficiency - probably the reason why studies are currently being done on whether vitamin D intake can cure swine flu. There have been vaccines produced to prevent and cure this influenza. However, a study spearheaded by Dr. Joseph Mercola showed that any kind of swine flu vaccine is not really recommended because of the underlying effects that come with it, such as further health problems like cancer and brain disorders.

    Although there hasn't been any confirmation regarding the ability of vitamin D to cure and prevent swine flu, doing the usual measures to prevent the regular types of flu is a good idea. Getting your annual flu shots still remains the best way to keep you from getting the influenza. And staying under the sun for an ample amount of time early in the morning is still advisable.


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