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    late in the evolution of vertebrates gnathostomes (with a jaw), which would explain " Their very strong link in the process of myelination ". "This may also be one of the reasons why the development of demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis often differs in men and women," adds Elisabeth Traiffort, research director at Inserm . The researcher concludes with an optimistic one: "Our results open the way to new therapeutic perspectives and could also be beneficial for research on psychiatric diseases or cognitive aging. " Spartagen XT is the subject of many mysterious hypotheses. This is particularly the case in sport, where this hormone is a controversial subject. How does Spartagen XT Spartagen XT affect sports practice, muscle growth and physical abilities in general? Is it possible to increase your Spartagen XT level to be more fit, muscular or faster? This article will shed light on the different hypotheses related to Spartagen XT and will inform you on this mysterious muscle growth hormone. Note: in order to adequately account for the studies cited in this article, we will only examine what happens within the male body, the subjects studied being exclusively men. TO START: WHAT IS Strength Muscles? Spartagen XT is described as the androgenic sex hormone mainly produced by the testicles. But wait, what does the term "androgen" mean? "Androgene" basically means "becoming a man". Rather vague as definition, in fact. For you to better understand, here are the main functions of Spartagen XT within the body: Develop male characteristics such as reproductive organs and the hair system. Strongly support bone and muscle development and stimulate fat removal. Stimulate the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen within the body. Interestingly, scientists have discovered that the time of day when the highest Spartagen XT levels are found in the blood is 8 am, while 8 pm is the time of day when this rate Is the lowest. Does this mean that training in the morning has a greater impact on muscle growth? Not necessarily. It remains to be determined whether, depending on the time of day, the impact on training outcomes is different. In all cases, let us now consider the relationship between Spartagen XT levels and the training methods used. DO BODYBUILDING AND INTERVAL TRAINING INFLUENCE MY Spartagen XT LEVELS? Actually, there are a lot of studies on Spartagen XT and

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