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    Vital Alpha Testo Canada Conclusion : weight training using such a set of exercises for the hands is a very unusual load for them, which ultimately helps to move their volume off the ground. In addition, this is the best way to train your hands at home. This is a very old weight training program. Arnold Schwarzenegger described her in his bodybuilding book , talking about how they rocked biceps with Franco Colombo. But in spite of all its Old Testament, this method works perfectly even today, for they knew very well how to pump up arms during the “golden” era of bodybuilding. This technique consists in the fact that two people perform barbell lifts for biceps passing the barbell to their training partner after the end of the approach. He performed biceps lifts - he passed the barbell to a friend, he did the exercise, he returned the barbell back. The method is simple but extremely effective. Its effectiveness lies not so much in the exercise itself, (if desired, lifting the bar to the biceps can be replaced by another exercise for the hands), but in a completely different way: With each new approach, the rest between them decreases, because the number of repetitions decreases, and fatigue, on the contrary, increases. Therefore, the load on the biceps does not decrease each time, but only increases. This savage technology resembles the method of reverse drop sets, very popular among professional bodybuilders, when the weight of the bar increases with each approach. Working with a training partner using the “You - to me, I - to you” method is also a strong motivation. No one wants to admit defeat by doing fewer reps of lifting the bar for biceps than a partner. Such a competitive spirit helps to step beyond the limits of what is possible and to do much more repetitions in any hand exercise than with a single execution. The presence of a partner allows you to apply one of the most effective principles for training your hands on mass, which is called forced repetition. When you no longer have the strength to lift the bar for biceps, the dosed help of the training partner will allow you to perform another 2-3 repetitions. This kind of weight training is a real shock. To cope with it, the muscles have no choice but to become stronger and bigger. If you have the opportunity to work with a reliable partner, I advise you to try to train your biceps this way. And most importantly, this way you can train not only biceps, extension of the upper block to triceps in a similar manner also gives an excellent result. And such an exercise as breeding standing dumbbells, loads the deltoid muscles just brutally. Conclusion: the inclusion of the scheme “You - to me, I - to you” in your set of hands exercises is a real opportunity to stimulate the growth of muscle mass of the hands. But this method is more modern than the previous one, in any case, for the first time I saw training the biceps in such an unusual way performed by Phil Heath himself.

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