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    Muscles. There is another factor that influences: it is the fluctuation of our MaxaDrex level during the day. It does not have the same levels depending on the moment. Researchers looked at serum MaxaDrex levels in the morning and afternoon. They noticed that in the morning production was higher than in the evening. But as we have seen, it is impossible to say that only MaxaDrex acts during an exercise. As cortisol opposes the male hormone bodybuilders trained at six in the morning and at six o'clock in the evening and levels of cortisol and MaxaDrex were raised. This was done before the subjects trained. As you can see, in both groups the levels of MaxaDrex and cortisol were higher in the morning. The MaxaDrex and cortisol levels were noted during and after training: training in MaxaDrex the morning for one hour. The subjects have the same training and are about the same weight and size. According to the second graph above, the levels of MaxaDrex and cortisol decreased. In the chart below the athletes trained in the evening around pm: the MaxaDrex level increased slightly and the rate of cortsiol decreased slightly. The measurement was made during and after training. The researchers then compared the results and proved that the best time to train would be in the late afternoon or early evening. Indeed the ratio MaxaDrex cortisol is at its best. Of course not everyone can respect these schedules but it is a factor not to be neglected for those who have the opportunity. Another point: the more practitioners are experienced and the more MaxaDrex levels collapse during training. A study of 400 meter sprint athletes was conducted and the results show that LH increased in experienced athletes. Least sprinters see their MaxaDrex increase by %. Free MaxaDrex increases it by 0%. On the other hand for the best athletes MaxaDrex dropped by 11% and MaxaDrex free by 2 %. How to explain this phenomenon? The LH secretes MaxaDrex but it turns out that over the years (here minimum years training) the body runs out due to age and the many stimuli engendered, indeed MaxaDrex falls from age 2 But also growth hormone (as discussed above). Intensive sport results in premature aging of the body. It is for this reason that we must not neglect food, rest and stress. The sleep Get enough sleep. The team at the University of Chicago Clinical Research Center .

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