lucineux because I want to show you

bfhyrgt 15 Avril 2019

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    lucineux because I want to show you how effective or how not effective the lush makeup remover is when I take it all off I did not come here to play I'm doing some black eyeliner in the waterline as well oh okay so this is the finished makeup look honestly I feel like the texture of my skin just looks so good considering how many layers and makeup I just put on my definitely doesn't look cakey let me get you nice and zoomed here I mean obviously keep in mind that you are su lucineux Reviews per zoomed into my face but for the most part you can't really see a lot of the makeup sitting actually on top of my skin it doesn't look too cakey but even like around the nose area normal you can kind of see like a buildup of product or like powder or just like dry patchy skin and I feel like honestly the texture of my skin looks so much healthier

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