Tournament Poker Strategy - Take an Aggressive Stance For the Later Stages of Play

jerryjohnson 4 Décembre 2018

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    Once in a while, the World Series Lottery Dominator Review of Poker holds a shoot-out event. Some websites also hold shoot-out satellites, or "independent rooms" that are extensions of other tournaments. These allow several players to participate in the game. However, because of the sheer number of people required for the shoot-out to be successful, shootouts are usually held by large websites that have a big enough membership base to support this kind of game.

    This is how the typical shoot-out works. It's a lot like several single-table tournaments. The average number of people per table is 10 and everyone starts with a certain number of chips, say 3,000. Then the game starts. It is usually no-limit Texas Holdem. The blinds are increased as the tournament progresses. One by one the players drop out, until the original 10 drops to three.

    At shoot-outs, how much you have left by the end of the round doesn't matter. You could have 100,000 worth of chips or be hanging by a single thread (or in this case, a single chip). As long as you have something left and are in the final three, you can proceed to the next round. However, unlike sit and go tournaments, you get to keep your final chip count. You may receive a bonus number of chips (it depends on the tournament organizers) just to give you a fighting chance just in case you don't have enough to make a decent bet. But take note: if one player gets a bonus, so does everyone else. And you have to watch those blinds-they're increasing, and the gameplay gets harder and the opponents get tougher at every stage.

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