What Causes Chigger Bites?

daisypricilla28 5 Décembre 2018

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    Honey has been used in the past Revitol Skin Tag Removal Review by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese, and probably even more back in time than that. When applied directly to a wound or on a dressing, honey acts as a moisturizing sealant, and helps to keep contamination out. It provides nutrients that are necessary for wound healing and new tissue growth. In addition, honey has certain properties that draw fluid from the wound and kill bacteria. There is an enzyme in honey, which when exposed to oxygen in air, forms its own kind of hydrogen peroxide. It is also anti-bacterial and helps to cleanse the wound. Honey can help debride, that is, remove dead or contaminated tissues from a wound, and help it close.

    While doctors say more studies are needed, positive results have been reported at many randomized controlled trials around the world. It seems like a promising treatment for cancer patients who have weakened immune systems and those who have chronic, stubborn wounds that refuse to heal.

    Manuka honey has been used in Iraq by US Armed Forces for treating children with burns. It is an ideal, and affordable, first aid dressing, especially in emergency situations, such as earthquakes. It is quite suitable for burn treatment, especially in areas where it is used. It can be effective against MRSA. Both the FDA and Health Canada have a clear list of beneficial agents for use with burns and wounds.


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